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Questions and Answers for using ATARI TOS / FREE MINT

NVDI Drivers (wip)

Peter Persson

Posts 12
16 May 2022 12:40


I've reverse engineered some NVDI drivers for misc. graphics cards and improvised a SCREEN.SYS replacement.

GIT repo is here:
Still stuff to solve, bugs to fix. It's supposed to be used with OLs EmuTOS fork for the V4.

Cyprian K

Posts 26
16 May 2022 13:22


to be honest I mistakenly thought NVDI source code was available somewhere on GitHub

Peter Persson

Posts 12
16 May 2022 13:39

There are rumours about it being fully reverse engineered, but I'm innocent to that.

I just disassembled some drivers for the pixel formats I wanted, removed hw dependent code and rebuilt it.

V4SCREEN.SYS is based solely on guesswork however.

Antony Coello

Posts 154
16 May 2022 20:15

Excellent work!

I wonder how much hassle it would be to get them working on the v2 cards?

Olivier Landemarre

Posts 147
17 May 2022 22:30

Really great job, a big step for Atari support on V4

posts 5