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New FVDI Driver

Olivier Landemarre

Posts 147
27 Oct 2021 22:57

  I have updated fVDI driver 16 and 32 bits, I recommend to update them if you use Atari fVDI, the main reason of this update is that probably soon new Emutos version will not be anymore compatible with current one and fVDI driver probably will not work anymore, I just wan't to be a bit more in standard in vsetscreen(FALCON_REZ) and not in conflict with supervidel implementation (value for 32 bits). New driver use another way in vsetscreen that directly manage SAGA resolution, far more easy already present for some month in Emutos for V4. Goodies : all actual SAGA screen size can be used with this new drivers, you can find it on this new page :

This is in french but there is near nothing on it just fVDI driver, archive, it come with source code too.


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