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Need Help On Falcon030/ 68030

(Needs Verification)
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21 Feb 2021 18:04

Hi, i know that it's not related to Apollo cpu but i need some help for a problem i have on my falcon030. For an unknown reason, the 68030FE dont't continue after reading the 2 first long word (SSP and PC). I checked all signal which can explain this (/halt, /reset, /IPLx, DSACK, /BUSERR,..) and nothing... As i know that a lot of people in this forum are are 68k's masters, i need your help to find the source of this stop. Thanks a lot :)

Cyprian K

Posts 26
21 Feb 2021 23:16

I suggest you to ask on the Exxos forum or Atari-forum.com
Exxoshost.co. uk/forum EXTERNAL LINK 
Atari-forum. com  EXTERNAL LINK     
The first one is the Atari and Amiga's electronics engineers forum.
The second one is a generic Atari ST forum.
260ste.atari.org EXTERNAL LINK

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