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Questions and Answers for using ATARI TOS / FREE MINT

FreeMiNT On ARAnyM

Vincent Rivière

Posts 87
06 Jun 2020 23:40

Hi, if you wonder how FreeMiNT looks on best Atari machines, watch this. This is a general but quite complete presentation to show how FreeMiNT works on ARAnyM (emulator similar to WinUAE, but simulating an advanced Atari machine). Concretely, FreeMiNT is pretty similar when run on Vampire with the fVDI SAGA driver. In any case, EmuTOS is the hidden but indispensable layer running behind the scenes.

Don't forget to look at the description for direct access to the chapters.


Uros Vidovic

Posts 31
07 Jun 2020 14:23

Thank you Vincent!
You are doing realy great thing with those videos and all your support to Atari platform!
This is great video to show a bit of FreeMiNT capabilities and esential basics for the newbies.

posts 2