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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

Roadmap/Status of AROS

Brett Eden

Posts 17
10 Feb 2024 06:42

Visiting the AROS website to get an idea of where it is at with achieving parity with AmigaOS 3.1, the following page which is charting its progress appears outdated:

Is this the case, or does it accurately reflect AROS current progress?

As a side note, I tried downloading the currently available 68k build from that page, and it doesn't boot -- it results in a software exception in the MakeDir command during early startup (looks like it happens after AROSBootstrap is called).

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6246
10 Feb 2024 09:35

The original idea of Aros was great.

The goal was to rewrite Amiga OS from scratch to get it out of the legal fights and lawsuits, so that Amiga can be revived.

The original goal was to create a 100% compatible Amiga OS Replacement.

This is also were the name AROS originally from : AMIGA REPLACEMENT OS

Of course writing on OS is a lot work and takes a lot time.
And the original people that started the Aros project ... are basically all gone ....

So there basically 3 AROS Spinoffs today.

A) MorphOS is based a lot on Aros. But its for PowerPC and does not follow the original goal of being 100% Amiga compatible

B) ApolloOS is based on Aros.
It follow 100% the original goal - to be an 100% compatible Amiga OS replacement. And to support 100% the Amiga Hardware

C) the "current" Aros replacement developers ... Which is not following the original goal anymore and which focus is more on having an Amiga like "research" OS for x86.

Brett Eden

Posts 17
10 Feb 2024 21:48

Thanks again, Gunnar.  I didn't know that the founding AROS people are gone.  This is unfortunate but happens often with complex projects. 

We are fortunate to have Apollo carrying on the original vision and it is clear that Apollo has a long-term commitment to both the software and hardware.  Even with the few other accelerator options that are available now (TerribleFire, BFG, etc.), Apollo is the clear and logical choice to get the most out of the Amiga in 2024 and beyond.

Thanks for your tireless effort, Gunnar.  I am very impressed with the enhancements you have made to GCC for 68080 compiling.

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