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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

Ice Drake Malfunction ?

Jaroslav Remen

Posts 1
06 Apr 2022 15:49

Hi all

After Ice Drake installation, my WorkBench3.2 boots up with Software failure error 8000 000B - every time.
My Workbench (after passing software failure) also reports only 400MB of memory.
Actions I did :
1. I have removed all my other extensions - Indivision MK3, Gayle adapeter, Gotec floppy and RTC modul - no success.
2. I have installed clear Workbench3.2 on brand new CF - no success

My TF1260 and A1208 works properly.

Any advice ?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6246
06 Apr 2022 19:04

Jaroslav Remen wrote:

  Any advice ?

Hi Jaroslav,

When you want to use your old WB 3.0 WB, then using the Red Jumper is fine. But the jumper will use the KICK in vanilla state.
What you want is flash the kick to the card.
Please do this.

Please also join our Discord support channel.

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