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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

Icedrake Won't Boot From CF Card

Black Cornflake

Posts 27
17 Mar 2022 08:04

Or: Yet another post about CF cards.

I received my Icedrake last week and have not yet got it to boot. I have downloaded the ApolloOS_R81.img file from the Downloads page, written it on PC to a 32GB CF card using both Win32DiskImager and Etcher, plugged it into the CF card adapter on the Icedrake, and I just get the 'Insert Apollo Boot Device' screen.

Maybe the CF card isn't compatible? It's one of these: EXTERNAL LINK 
Or maybe the CF adapter isn't plugged in securely, though I have done my best to do this. Is there any way to check? And is it safe to try a different adapter or buffered IDE interface? I assume so, but don't particularly want to fry my brand new, £500 card.

The CF card can be seen in WinUAE: it appears as a drive called 'ApolloOS'. Does this mean that it should work on the Icedrake?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have spent hours searching and reading page after page about Apollo and CF cards, watching YouTube videos, praying to Satan, but no good.

Black Cornflake

Posts 27
17 Mar 2022 13:01

Follow-up question: which end is pin 1 on the Icedrake IDE sockets? They don't seem to be marked on the PCB and I don't want to plug something in backwards.

(This will probably seem like a dumb question to many people but, as I say, I don't want to fry my expensive new toy).

Black Cornflake

Posts 27
17 Mar 2022 14:14

Never mind; found it. Must have put my eyes in upside down today. Going to try a different CF adapter after work.

Black Cornflake

Posts 27
17 Mar 2022 17:19

Tried a different (AmigaKit model) CF adapter and... it works!

Which means that the one that shipped with my Icedrake is no good.

Black Cornflake

Posts 27
17 Mar 2022 18:38

Last reply to my own post, promise.

The Icedrake is AWESOME! I'm having an absolute blast trying it out: ApolloOS comes preloaded with so many cool things.

What the Apollo team are doing, and have done, is amazing. Just fantastic. You have finally given me the Amiga I've always wanted!

Spyros Kourias

Posts 21
06 Apr 2022 11:26

I have the same problems so far, no matter how many adapters or cards I have used. I suppose that SD2CF is a no no! Btw, do you happen to know where i can download ApolloOS from or is it the same with Caffeine? As far as I can see, no image file is present on EXTERNAL LINK

Son Goku

Posts 40
06 Apr 2022 15:57


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