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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

IGame Has No Right-click Menu In ApolloOS

8bit Dude

Posts 21
10 Nov 2021 08:52

I got my firebird with ApolloOS CF card this week.  There were a few whdload games included, which seem to run fine!

But there is no way to rescan after copying more games to the WHDLoad folder. The context menu (right-click) has no option...

Am I missing something?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5727
15 Nov 2021 09:15

Hi 8bit Dude,

yes that Igame on Aros works but has not top menu is known.
This is because Igame is a MUI application and the Free MUI reimplementation of AROS is not yet 100% compatible.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 689
15 Nov 2021 16:44

WHDLoadMenu works for me on Aros Vision. Perhaps it is another option for you.


Amiga User

Posts 102
26 Nov 2021 00:58

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

  Hi 8bit Dude,
    yes that Igame on Aros works but has not top menu is known.
    This is because Igame is a MUI application and the Free MUI reimplementation of AROS is not yet 100% compatible.

  After a report of mine this problem has been fixed by walkero, soon will be released a new version of iGame supported by AROS 68k, I attach link to discussion made by walkero on EAB:
    For AROS 68k there are new features regarding Graphic and Audio datatypes and a new Multiview.
    Now with Multiview it's possible to save any image to IFF, moreover a converter has been created that uses the Graphic and Audio datatypes.
    You can find the datatypes and other interesting info about AROS 68k HERE:

Amiga User

Posts 102
29 Nov 2021 18:12

To learn more or know the details of the new version of iGame for AROS 68k I enclose link to the Blog dedicated to this version by walkero, in the report he also mentioned my report that has encouraged him to try AROS 68k.

Other news for AROS 68k can be found on ae.amigalife.org, now we are working on the compatibility of ModExplorer NG (before it worked replacing AROS libraries with OS3 ones).

Also fixed the Shadow Warrior and Blood games, also these worked on AROS 68k replacing some libraries, now they are fully supported by AROs 68k.


Amiga User

Posts 102
29 Nov 2021 18:21


Amiga User

Posts 102
05 Dec 2021 09:42

Thanks, he promised it a few days ago after I reported the MUI problem, as soon as possible I will test the various features and compatibility with the old OS3 configs, for any problems you can report them in the attached thread:

In the archive you can also find my Dual-PNG Icons for AfA One, now I'll create the native AROS One Icons.
  In this version you will find the following changes:
  ### Added
  - Added a check if the screenshot image is supported by the installed datatypes. If not, it is skipped. This fixes situations where the Info datatype is not installed and no image is shown instead of the default.
  ### Fixed
  - Fixed the menus on Aros 68k. Menus should work on ApolloOS now.
  ### Changed
  - The games list is not multiselect now. This speeds up a little bit the selection of games on slow machines.
  - Moved the strings methods to a separate file. Also merged the strcasestr.c and strdup.c files.
  - Moved the filesystem methods to a separate file.
  - Set local methods as static in the funcs.c and cleaned up the iGameExtern.h from the shared methods
  - Now all the libraries open on application start and close on application exit. No OpenLibrary() calls in the middle of the application.
  - Moved the joystick methods from iGameMain.c to funcs.c
  - A lot of global methods and variables removed
  - A lot of refactoring happened, so to make funcs.c file smaller. This makes code more clear and readable.
  - All the necessary libraries and interfaces are set to be loaded in the code. No "-lauto" is necessary any more.
  - Changed the localization system to support the new menus. Now the strings header file is created based on catcomp

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