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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

Aros ApolloOS Playing With SIDs

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 308
14 Sep 2020 06:13

Playing with a Commodore C64 SID emulator on Aros ApolloOS distro


Nick Fellows

Posts 177
15 Sep 2020 08:57

Wouldnt it be awesome if there was an FPGA Sid as part of the Core ? I never understood why they didnt keep SID and just add digital audio when the amiga came out.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6239
15 Sep 2020 10:23

nick fellows wrote:

Wouldnt it be awesome if there was an FPGA Sid as part of the Core ? I never understood why they didnt keep SID and just add digital audio when the amiga came out.

SID was cool at its time.
I will forever love some tunes by Rob Hubbard.
And SID surely had a very unique sound...

But the DMA driven Audio system on AMIGA opened a complete new dimension. I think the Amiga system is very flexible.
Maybe the question should be "Does it miss anything"?

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 690
16 Sep 2020 11:05

Amiga was not a Commodore project at the beginning, it was designed as a game console and later extended to a full computer. Then Commodore bought it.

Robo Kupka

Posts 50
16 Sep 2020 13:23

I think having SID reimpplemented in FPGA is great for C64 and its clones. But for Amiga, where it newer was.... it would be couterproductive and only increased costs. Besides, you can easily emulate it with software and very short waveform samples, as many little demos and cracktros did.
In Amiga world, we are used to play PCM samples. So natural improvement is that we went from 8 to 16 bit samples, and software overhead necessary to play sound is ridiculously small.
For the sake of SID nostalgia, either play emulated SID, or get yourself amazing Ultimate64 and some modern SID replacements. They work great, I myself got 2 of them.

Amiga 4Life

Posts 102
19 Sep 2020 14:59

I don't think Sid was ever a hit with Amiga users...
Paula was a game changer .. EXTERNAL LINK  The blips and bleeps from the Sid chip didn't cut it any more once you heard the sound effects and musical instruments from Paula...

Nick Fellows

Posts 177
20 Sep 2020 09:44

Yes , analog filters.

Nick Fellows

Posts 177
20 Sep 2020 15:46

This is probably not the place to go into the finer points of music / sound composition . But from a electronic music point of view the SID chip is to the Moog, what Paula is the the Fairlight . Both awesome and first in class. When it boils down to it the feature really lacking from Paula was SID like filters. I think i could have lived with that comprimise - i was always dissappointed at this particular feature being absent when i got my amiga, its sampled sound was a good enough to keep me occuppied. Im very interested in using my vampire 1200 to revisit those days again. Never underestimate SID - no other sound chip has anywhere near its character or power ...

Stock Sid chip :-
Heres the Sid playing amiga modules

- later in the video doing something the amiga never good -
using the sids filters with the digital samples.

James Husted
(Needs Verification)
Posts 81/ 3
20 Sep 2020 16:59

Im not a big fan of SID always loved the YM chips found in the later speccies and amstrads!!! now those chip tunes make my nipples hard!

Amiga 4Life

Posts 102
23 Sep 2020 06:21

@Nick Fellows..
Right, I'll give you that, Sid has the filter effects... Paula is capable of real-time audio effects, filters, reverb, flang, etc... it's just the sound quality is low and its unable to multitask....you can see this in Audition 4...check out chapter 6 (pg.45).. EXTERNAL LINK  ...I cant find any videos online....

Keep in mind, if the team can get V4 to emulate filters they should bypass Sid and goto something more popular like Waldorf 2-pole filter. Waldorf filters sell everywhere,  B&H photo,Sweetwater, Musicians Friend....  emulating Waldorf filters is a quick way to get V4 popular with studio musicians, and show off o80 at the same time...
You want V4 Waldorf filter to compete against Vst plugins.. EXTERNAL LINK ...

This is one of the Sid standalones.(powerful blips, bleeps, and a few bass leads) .. You only find these on ebay.....

Amiga users are attracted to mp3 decoders and dsp modules... (you can see this in the threads at any other Amiga forum, you can see this at Amiga hardware databases, Sid rarely comes up)...

Amigakit was able to sell out its stock of Prisma Mega mix cards at a time when the "active user count" was low....This card was aimed at a1200 and bigbox Amigas...

Amiga resellers stock c64 products but no Sid...

Nick Fellows

Posts 177
25 Sep 2020 16:41

Its wise to be mindful of feature creep yet i cant help but be reminded of the old saying "Only Amiga Makes it Possible" . But perhaps its worth knowing what are cheap and easy wins.
  BTW remember Paula could only achieve those additional effects by use of software mixing, they are not hardware features of Paula. Probably not so much of a problem on a vampire'd amiga but on a low end machines it comes at a cost.
  SID can be considered a synthesizer
  PAULA is just a playback device.
Both have a special place in my heart.

Sam Avenger

Posts 12
25 Sep 2020 18:08

There is a Sid Plugin for modern Music Programs:
Or a portable Sid Player:

Amiga 4Life

Posts 102
30 Sep 2020 17:06

inSIDious, that's Sid with a slick user interface..., that plugin is for Reaktor 6, which is produced by Native Instruments, they are famous for their virtual synths/sampling software....
  Hey, if Vamp gets a suped-up Sid I'm not knocking it...with fpga nothing is in stone..

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