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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

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Michael Borrmann

Posts 129
26 Jan 2020 11:38

Mr Niding wrote:

And this is where the non-coder/non-developer section of the Amiga community can assist in a meaningful way, with our wallets based on our own steady income. I dont have a second to spare freetime for Amiga coding based due to ALOT of work, which is good for me personally and financially. But if it means I can help someone with serious development contributions towards AROS, Apollo and Amiga as a whole, then it gives me an oppurtunity to pat myself on the back a bit; "I did my part" kinda way ;)

This is extremely true.. :) Thanks for thinking like that..

Lord A1k

Posts 44
28 Jan 2020 12:04


Good Work, go on

Red Bug

Posts 9
29 Jan 2020 16:22

Just sent a donation too. Thx you for your work! AROS is the future!

Michael R

Posts 281
30 Jan 2020 20:35

I just donated $75 USD for a new power supply. Nick also needs a new 3900X CPU which costs about $350 USD. That would help his productivity tremendously. So keep up the good spirit of giving!:-)

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 243
01 Feb 2020 07:02

Thank you all for your support.
Please keep helping Kalamatee helping us :-)

Also consider using the github sponsor system.
Better way to achieve a steady income


Mr Niding

Posts 438
02 Feb 2020 08:07

Joined you on Github Pedro; "Thank you for sponsoring Kalamatee!"

Willem Drijver

Posts 15
02 Feb 2020 10:20

Done. Keep up the important AROS work.

Mr Niding

Posts 438
09 Feb 2020 08:14

Copy paste from Pedros original post, as a reminder;

It would be nice if we all could help him Donating what you guys see fit kalamatee@gmail.com  this is the paypal email

or become a monthly supporter on github;


Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 243
21 Feb 2020 10:22


Lets help a friend... :-)

Andy Hearn

Posts 275
21 Feb 2020 11:06

Done - subbed.

While i've not been completely onboard with AROS since it first came out, I've played with it less than i have OS4, i'm a bit of an amigaOS 3.x stick-in-the-mud - but i'm kinda seeing it now as a legitimate way forward.

Go for it!

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

Posts 10
26 Feb 2020 08:23

just sent 50 euro :)

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

Posts 10
26 Feb 2020 08:24

github sponsor done! :)

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