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New Website and New Versions of Aros Vision

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 689
10 Apr 2016 19:10

I have some news
  I have redesigned EXTERNAL LINK  it is now not only visuell improved but also full supporting mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  The page also includes download links for Aros Vision RTG 3.1 (for UAE). Most important changes are different desktops (Magellan, Scalos, Wanderer) and implementations of MUi (Zune, MUI 3.8 and MUI 4). The system files are updated and f.e. Amiblitz.
  New is Aros Vision PAL that is optimized for slower hardware and is much smaller. Because I cannot test it myself I would be grateful to get feedback.

Samuel Crow

Posts 402
11 Apr 2016 09:41

The site menu tab doesn't work on my phone.

Claudio Guglielmotti
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 185
11 Apr 2016 13:28

if you copy the link and paste it on your browser, it works

Samuel Crow

Posts 402
12 Apr 2016 12:17

All that gets copied and pasted is "javascript:;" and the link still doesn't work on my phone.

posts 4