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OpenBOR Porting to M68k By VintageGamer

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
04 Jun 2017 21:42

Next week videos on OpenBOR on A600 Vampire and A4000
    Currently ECS, soon AGA
    Part 2 (closer to demo)
    EXTERNAL LINK    Part 1 (porting saga, not SAGA)
  Cause is great, Kudos to Vintage gamer
    OpenBOR is beatem up 2D engine, abused to produce unofficial remakes of ... every nice game we used to love and even more stolen from arcades
    There are at least 116 OpenBOR "titles"
  Note: OpenBOR is ported to MOS, AROS i386 and OS4, but never was avail on m68k

OpenBOR is a continuation of the Beats Of Rage 2D game engine, which was originally
created by the wonderful folks over at EXTERNAL LINK 

In 2004, Senile Team released Beats of Rage, a free beat-'em-up for DOS inspired
by SEGA's Streets of Rage series and using sprites from SNK Playmore's King of
Fighters series.  The game spread only by word of mouth, but it nonetheless
amassed popularity very quickly.  Senile Team soon released an edit pack allowing
anyone interested to create a mod for the BOR engine.

In 2005, Kirby2000 asked Senile Team to open the source code to BOR.  They
agreed, and OpenBOR was born.  Development on the engine was continued by the
community, and still is to this day.

Check out the official site for game mods:

Ian Parsons

Posts 200
05 Jun 2017 01:42

It was great to watch MVG go through the process of porting OpenBOR to Amiga 68k over the weekend. It looks very promising for performance on the Vampire 2 and while beat-em ups aren't my thing it's always good to have more new games come to the Amiga.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
05 Jun 2017 03:45

Hi Ian,

IT WAS GREAT! (Watched part 2.)

Shows what's POSSIBLE!!!!

And banging the hardware (from ground up, new SW),.. will be,.... EVEN WAY BETTER!

Nothing has "shown off" it's full capability YET; need the standalone+S-AGA to get THAT!!!!

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
10 Jun 2017 18:21

Live stream - testing OpenBOR port on real hardware
      EXTERNAL LINK     
      What I have caught:
      Not really playable on 040 40Mhz, depending on sprite size. Optimisations needed. Vintage Gamer is not experienced in assambler and will not optimized there.
      Frame counter crashed, I dont hear sound.

  MVG: Answer, GUI suspended to max performance. Sound is there, just not recorded
  MVG Impression on A4000: "Slow and jerky"
      Setting up Vampire 600 V2
  Street Fighter is nice, some games are not so fast.
  E.g, 01:22:00 HyperDuel
  GUI is currently out since it takes a lot of resources.
  64MB should be fine (for game with GUI or backend), 32MB will see.
  He sais he used an optimized SDL to port.Straight C code with room to improve.

Saladriel Amrael

Posts 119
18 Jun 2017 08:25

That's very nice. Even more if you put it in contest:
  Vampire, even in it's development stage, is capable of running at more than decent speed a game quickported and not optimized that runs on a non Amiga-Oriented layer like SDL.
  This port (and others happening in the last month) show us two things
  1) Coders are more than happy to code on Vampire
  2) Vampire is more than capable to run quite complex 2D games if programmed in the Amiga Way

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