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Run Requests On Vampire/Apollo

Pak Rat

Posts 18
16 Mar 2016 06:45

I'll begin this thread, from anyone that would like to see something run on a Vampire-equipped Amiga, to anyone with a Vampire that can record it. My first requests would be :

An Atari ST emulator (AmTari?)
ArcEm, the Acorn Archimedes emulator. (an OS 3 version exists)

Along with benchmark software running in each.

Matthew Langtry

Posts 199
16 Mar 2016 21:11

  on aminet EXTERNAL LINK states power pc os4?
  EXTERNAL LINK Amtari require zorro 2 board?

arcem 68k os3 version EXTERNAL LINK

Pak Rat

Posts 18
17 Mar 2016 03:10

    EXTERNAL LINK Amtari require zorro 2 board?

Atari ST emulation on Amiga 600:

posts 3