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Supporting the OPEN SOURCE AMIGApage  1 2 3 4 5 

Alan Haynes

Posts 140
28 Jun 2020 12:27

Andrew Miller wrote:

A true Vampire enthusiast. resurrecting a two year old thread.

Yeah my bad. I did not check the date of the post. Anyway I have not heard from Thierry for a long time now.
But he was passionate about most things Amiga however I had to disagree with him here.
It is a fact that those who share their knowledge usually earn the respect of their peers and increase there knowledge whereas those who hold onto things such as Gollem (my precious) end up losing it all.
I firmly believe Open Sourcing the Amiga and particularly SAGA will provide many benefits in the long term.

Andrew Miller

Posts 252
28 Jun 2020 18:14

Maybe so, but why would someone go to all the trouble of designing and creating a better 680x0 chip just to give it away?
The CPU itself could be worth quite a lot if it makes it to ASIC, once its fully mature.

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