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Mails From Orders.apollo-accelerators.com Rejected

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
09 Apr 2017 14:10

Lately I have noticed that there are several people who never received mail from us that their card is ready. Especially those who use web.de service. People interested for Vampire cards informed me that they checked on our site that their card is allocated but never got the mail how to proceed further. Most of them used web.de service. Please login to EXTERNAL LINK and check is the same situation for you. If something strange like this happened to you contact us on irc.

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 148
10 Apr 2017 15:42

Majesta i have received the payment request for the vampire 500 some weeks ago. On the apollo web page show "Allocated (handled by majsta)" that means that the payment was registered right?, don't want to take your time just asking in case.

Daniel Krueger

Posts 8
10 Apr 2017 16:13

I paid 2 mins after receiving payment request via PP, my status is still "Expressed interest" and I didn't receive any payment registration or other mail.
So the search function in the link from Igor says pretty much nothing useful :|

Marcus Gerards

Posts 58
10 Apr 2017 17:37

I also already paid for the 500 V2, but status is still "allocated". Well, the mail says "up to three moths" or so, maybe there is no "paid" status for the tool at all. :)

Sebastian Maj

Posts 2
10 Apr 2017 18:40


Same here. I paid for Vampire600 1h after i received email (2017-03-25) from Brian. When i check status i only get "Expressed interest".

Thank you in advance :-)

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
10 Apr 2017 20:32

Status will change once card is shipped. As for V500+ next batch should be ready in 9 days, that's the deadline PCBA factory set.

Sebastian Maj

Posts 2
10 Apr 2017 22:37

Just want to say that you guys do an amazing job! Thank you :-)

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
11 Apr 2017 11:20

I m trying to copy/paste mails from our database and re-send mails from my personal yahoo account. This takes lot of time, for last 3 hours I was able to send only 200 mails. I hope that everyone will receive it this time. In case that you already purchased card and get another mail how to proceed please ignore it.

Michael R

Posts 281
07 May 2017 04:07

Majsa and Apollo Team,
  Just to let you know that your notification system is working, I received the automated message saying "card shipped", when I logged into Apollo Accelerators it said the same. Eight days later, today, I received a nice package at the door! Vampire has arrived. Thanks!

Colin Ellett

Posts 25
19 Mar 2019 12:48

Hi Igor,

my user name on EAB is Amicol. You recently relied to a message of mine regarding the Vampire 500 V2+.

As I say, I never received an email but my status is Allocated. I am unable to check the spam folder as it auto clears after 2 weeks.

Tried for a while to contact but wasn't aware of this forum.

Anyway, what do I do now as I remain interested in the Vampire 500 V2+?


Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
19 Mar 2019 13:32

@Colin Ellett check your email now.

Marc Previousaddress

Posts 3
27 Aug 2020 12:11

Hi there, my status for my vampire 500+ says allocated also. I have only just noticed. Does that mean there is one ready for purchase?. I have not received an email either.


Magnus K

Posts 2
27 Aug 2020 15:53

Is that link only for v2?
I tried to search for my email
but can't find it.
I have ordered the V4SA.

/Magnus Kööhler

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
27 Aug 2020 16:07

@Marc Previousaddress it says that you have been contacted before but you didn't reply.
@Magnus K orders placed for V4SA are handled by different service than for V2

Marc Previousaddress

Posts 3
27 Aug 2020 23:49

I have never been contacted about my order. I have been waiting forever to purchase a card.

Eric Gus

Posts 459
28 Aug 2020 04:59

Marc previousaddress wrote:

I have never been contacted about my order. I have been waiting forever to purchase a card.

Check you junk/spam folders.. I bet it went there..

Marc Previousaddress

Posts 3
28 Aug 2020 06:31

I check my junk folder daily. I have yet to receive an email about it.

posts 17