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Martin Randall

Posts 22
15 May 2023 19:40

14th May 2023 - JForth web site update and Re-release.  Still a WIP (Work In Progress)

Due to a resurgence in retro computing wrt the Amiga, plenty of Amiga emulators, various hardware projects including FGPA's I have updated the JForth web site at EXTERNAL LINK 
JForth is a dedicated Forth for the Amiga.

JForth is a programming language that allows you to interact with your Amiga.

When you are programming in JForth, you are "inside" the language.

You can access any data structure, test any routine, or use any development tool, right from the keyboard.

This direct communication with the computer can improve your productivity, giving you additional time to improve the quality of your software products.

JForth also provides an extensive set of tools for accessing the special features of the Amiga.
You can call any Amiga Library routine by name and reference any Amiga structure using constructs similar to 'C'.
JForth also has some special toolboxes that support simple graphics, Intuition menus, IFF files, and other Amiga features.
It has ARexx Support, Assembler (RPN and Motorola), Block and Screen file support, Clone (Strips redundant data to create a small executable), Debugger, Floating Point, IFF Support, ODE (Object Oriented Development Environment), Profiler, Textra file editor and more.
Tutorials - Beginner, intermediate and advanced guiding you through the basics of the system

Miscellaneous debugger tools - Showhunks for analyzing Amiga binary files Graphics toolkits Anims and animbrushes

...and so much more !!!

Don't forget to print out the excellent manual. Not only does it give you invaluable information on the many tools provided, but there is also an excellent 3-stage tutorial

Antony Coello

Posts 153
17 May 2023 19:13

I guess Im the first here to say a big thank you for your efforts here. :)

One of the very first books I ever purchased on the subject of computing was about learning Forth (I was 12/13yrs old! lol)

Thank you for giving Amiga users another language option!

Well done!!

Manfred Bergmann

Posts 226
17 May 2023 19:28

Indeed. This is pretty cool.
I was looking at Factor lately, also a stack based language.

Will definitely have a look at JForth when I'm back at Amiga.

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