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From Firebird to Salamanderpage  1 2 

Paolo Palmieri

Posts 7
05 Nov 2021 01:16

My 5 cents, a third option might be a board splitting:
- main board having everything except the cpu socket and related logic replaced by a connector like the one used for the A500 expansion board
- daughter board having only the cpu socket and acting also as relocator according to the needs
In this way the main board could be used also as a standalone solution with the connector that could potentially allow further expansions in the future, acting as an expansion bus (like zorro)

Andy Hearn

Posts 371
05 Nov 2021 20:46

another vote for a "Salamanda" here please :)

Ian Parsons

Posts 230
06 Nov 2021 12:58

I don't seem to be able to start a new topic so I'll post a thought here. I saw a render of the proposed Icedrake board on facebook with the external IO connectors all on the main board. A better solution may be a separate IO board for the rear trap door opening under the the floppy drive with a flat flex connection to the main Icedrake board (this is how PIStorm32 is going to do it).

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5763
06 Nov 2021 15:12

Ian Parsons wrote:

A better solution may be a separate IO board for the rear trap door

Of course you can also have an IO board at the trapdoor.
One does not exclude the other.

Mark Watson

Posts 2
07 Nov 2021 10:24

Iím interested in a Salamander card.

Just bought an A600 to house it, in preparation. It has the best form factor for my small house! Well the v4 stand-alone is better but I like the original case, keyboard, joy/mouse ports and floppy etc.

Analog video and/or analog audio out? Perhaps that could be plumbed to the original video and audio connectors? Exercise for the user maybe :)

Jeremy Buza

Posts 22
11 Nov 2021 17:25

Another vote from me for an A600 Salamander! Any idea of the planned final price?  Or not until you get them made?
Also, awesome work on the 68K / Standalone front guys, love what you're doing!

Mark Watson

Posts 2
18 Dec 2021 09:01

As I understand it in the majority of Vampire installs, one removes the CPU and then puts in the Vampire.
  In the A600 this is not the case since it sits on top of the CPU and sets some signals to disable it. Would it be possible therefore in the Salamander to implement a compatibility mode where the 68080 is disabled and the original 68k it still used? With just video mirroring to DIGITAL-VIDEO and fast ram?

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