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R7 Comes Closer With Several Bugs In Aros Fixed

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5626
15 Jul 2021 06:49

Dear Amiga fans,

I happy to tell you that Release 7 comes closer and with it a much improved OS.
Juan did debug several Aros issues and skillfully fixed them.
I'm very happy about his awesome works and thanks to it many Amiga Applications run now much better on ApolloOS.

Michael MiB

Posts 53
15 Jul 2021 07:18

Nice :-)

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 142
15 Jul 2021 17:31

Looking forward to it. Great job !

Robert Pulfer-Ridings

Posts 56
26 Jul 2021 04:47

This great, sitting here getting very excited. Thanks Gunnar and the team for the hard work and commitment you have put in.
I have been a long time lurker and have been watch for many years and it is fantastic to see the outcomes that are starting to appear.
I finally bought a Vampire 4 SA+ a few months ago, just chomping at the bit to find time to set it up properly. In the meantime you guys keep releasing more and more updates it's so amazing.


Ray Couzens

Posts 93
26 Jul 2021 09:02

With progress like this, soon I think ApolloOS will be the go to OS for the Vampire.  ApolloOS is the only 'legal' free OS for the Amiga that's in constant development.  Just a matter of time before it becomes the best option.  I can't wait to try R7.

Michal Pietal

Posts 235
07 Aug 2021 10:44

Great!! Cannot wait!

What’s the expected time of arrival?

Tim Noyce

Posts 132
07 Aug 2021 13:07

As soon as there's a viable core. Lots of testing going on, but nothing solid yet.

posts 7