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Nikos Tomatsidis

Posts 65
14 Oct 2020 12:12

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

nikos tomatsidis wrote:

  If you kickstart this,

  Personally, I would NOT kickstart anything in Amiga land.
  I believe people should develop what they want.
  And when they finished it and when they did something GOOD, then you should honor this and you should buy it.
  Reward people that did something good.

  Well, maybe kickstart is the wrong word.
  Do you like me to make a thread about this?
  If people are interested I could talk with Richard?
  I know the game "Proxima III" will be released for A1200, CD32.
  This is of cause PAL low res. As said it should work in high-res, RTG on Vampire. Maybe 24-bit 1024x768 and 16 bit-sound.
  It is just an idea. Maybe they are not interested.
  The most important thing is that the Vampire users would like it to happen. It would be a collective thing. As said it will not be for free but it might kickstart more interest into what can be done on the Vampire. I'm sure it will sell more hardware too.

Mr Niding

Posts 451
16 Oct 2020 07:37

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

Mr Niding wrote:

  Gunnar was the child in this thread tbh   

  I'm sorry that you feel this way.
  But I think its our job to answer correctly here.
  Please help me understand why you think that correcting wrong posts and busting myth is childish?
  Some people like for example Matt Hey, or Thomas Richter post a lot fake-news about the Vampire.
  But do you know that none of them has a Vampire or has ever coded on it?
  You will find hundreds of posts of these people about Vampire - posts which are pure fiction.
  I think its our responsibility to correct fake-news and to post correct information here.

Oh, I agree with you that the Vampire is a well established platform, and that the concerns demoscene coders have are overblown, from my point of view.
THAT said; there have been threads on other forums, where coders has said that they want a platform they know will behave exactly as the original platform, with the same limitations etc.
You also see that the C64 demoscene is alive and well, with amazing releases.
My guess is that many of the demoscene coders do development on modern mainstream platforms as their dayjob, and enjoy the strict limitations of the hardware from their youth. So even if Team Apollo make available a excellent product which is fairly priced considering the unitcount, they still look at it thru their "nostalgica glasses". Thats my impression anyhow.
I realise that the compability of the Vampire is excellent, and I already got the V600 and V4 standalone.
My "childish" comment was just that you "arrested" Olaf when he made a observation, rather than making his own judgement.
  Olaf might not share the coders point of view, but that doesnt matter, since its not Olafs view we need to change, its the coders ;)
So hopefully my comment wasnt too offensive :)

Nick Fellows
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 48
30 Oct 2020 12:19

As a follower of Demoscene and someone going back to demo programming on the C64 . Im very much looking forward to seeing what i can do with my trusty Amiga 1200 when i get my V1200.

Writing demos is more than just props or winning competitions. Its about doing the seemingly impossible, crafting an art piece through clever programming, making art, writing music and combining these things. Its about learning and keeping old hardware alive and proving it still has uses today.

We should not get caught up in whether or not Vampire counts as a legitimate demo competition platform or not and just get on with making new content. If it has the Wow factor it has the Wow factor regardless . It is us , here on these forums that will decide the future of Vampire and how it shapes the future of the Amiga platform - without the confines dictated to us by the mainstream.

Im 100% sure we havent seen anything even beginning to stretch the Vampire to the limits yet - but i sure as hell want to find out ? Dont You ?

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