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Modern Amiga USB Keyboards

Nick Fellows
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 36
12 Jun 2020 09:05

I just spotted this and thought worth sharing with the Vampire Community.


Andy Hearn

Posts 328
12 Jun 2020 10:50

awesome! thanks for the heads up on this :)

Markus B

Posts 196
12 Jun 2020 11:16

And still based upon some standard IBM design with some useless keys.

Adam A

Posts 106
12 Jun 2020 12:58

Thanks for sharing

I'd be more interested in a mechanical amiga keyboard. I think 1200.net is making a new mechanical amiga keyboard. but seem to not get any updates recently?

I recently was lucky enough to find a hi-tek (chicken lips) amiga 500 keyboard in eBay. I bought it for 65 Euros its clicky and feels close to IBM M keyboard. Couldnt ask for better

Niclas A
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 218
12 Jun 2020 17:14

Markus B wrote:

And still based upon some standard IBM design with some useless keys.

Agree. Don´t see the point in this.

Jamie Chapman

Posts 64
12 Jun 2020 17:26

no its just colouring. Though I must be honest that Amstrad one gives me a bit of a hardon

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 114
12 Jun 2020 18:47

Pledged !

Smartroad 78

Posts 82
16 Jun 2020 16:05

Markus B wrote:

And still based upon some standard IBM design with some useless keys.

My A1200 literally has two keys with nothing printed on them and they do nothing. So even the original Amiga keyboards had some useless keys too ;)

Mark Mc Fadden

Posts 25
16 Jun 2020 23:04

Markus B wrote:

  And still based upon some standard IBM design with some useless keys.

  these are nice KBs, theres no need to crap on them just because they are based on IBM keyboards, Amiga moving forward to provide us the ability in the future needs to use standards, whether its key layout, USB or whatever.
  We cant stay in the past and expect hardware to align with '92+ hardware, otherwise we pay a premium or get once off solutions and expect someone else to provide the same solution in 10 years time via some other kickstarter or whatever which is not a long term solution.
It depends on your viewpoint, i have my original A1200 from '92, i want to keep using it for as long as i can and if that means using standards then so be it. Otherwise i'm looking on Amibay for overpriced replacements which can fail at any time due to age.
  These keyboards are awesome, i especially like the CPC 464 one.

Aron Bott

Posts 6
26 Jun 2020 17:07

I like these, but...  It's obvious at this point this isn't going to happen.  Also, they're averaging $100 per backer..  at that point couldn't you find a special-order place and order such a keyboard yourself?  How did they get the prototype in the first place?
  Googling yields:
  So why not just pop into a forum, get a count of people who want a specific design (the above site only needs a minimum of 5 (or 10 depending where you look on the page) keyboards ordered), and if there's enough interest collect money and order it.  Kickstarter is a bit of overkill for this.

Edit:  Looks like they figured that out themselves.  They are going to just do batch orders of mechanical keyboards with custom-colored keycaps, no logos.

posts 10