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Book About Amiga Demoscene

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 501
02 Jun 2020 14:42

Here's the Indiegogo campaign

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 501
05 Jun 2020 14:53

Some details about this book contents:

After an history of the origin of demos and demoscene, start with the first demos including The Juggler and Boing then follow the Megademos period with RSI - Alcatraz - Kefrens - Rebels. The first slideshow with J.O.E (Scoopex / Red Sector Inc.). The creation and history of Rebels group by one of its founder Static, the first Trackmo with Mental Hangover from Scoopex which will change the style of demos in the early 90s and the history of this group from 1988 until in 2000. An other surprise like Budbrain productions which won 1st place at Amiga conference in 1990 with its megademo which will repeat with Budbrain Megademo 2 and the feeling of Diablo one of members. Without forgetting Anarchy with the participation of some of its members such as DAN, 4Mat or Facet, and Razor 1911 with its demo "Voyage". The Norwegians of Pure metal code with their demo Alpha and Omega.

Go to Hungary with the group Majic 12 and its Ray of Hope demo who will explain the conditions in which this demo was created. PGCS will tell you the story of the Odyssey demo and its 5 disks, an intergalactic epic that will take you to another demo called Hardwired, a Silents / Crionics production and the contribution of Jesper Kyd, Mikael Balle and Murphy. In 1990 Seen and Paleface decide to create Melon dezign, they tell us their debut until the release of their first game. Discover the underside of State of the Art a production of the Spaceballs group. An interview with Mark Knight alias TDK on his personal and professional carrer, but also Audiomonster from Melon dezign. A big thank you to Zebig who helped us with sketches of their Arkham Asylum demo. Another demo "Booo" from Melon dezign where Heatbeat tells us about the creation and origin of the music. Desert Dream by Kefrens, but also an interview with Stripe the gremlin the coder of Talent. 1993 a very prolific year in terms of demos with Fairlight and 242, the Lemon. group of course with Dan and Facet, Arte from Sanity where Ra and Moby will explain their work on this French/German demo, as well as the details of the making of 9 Fingers from Spaceballs.

Ben Rottler

Posts 14
14 Jun 2020 20:12

Very cool, thanks for posting.

Ben Rottler

Posts 14
14 Jun 2020 20:14

They should include a digital copy of all the demos showcased!

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 501
16 Jun 2020 12:18

Maybe they'll do. They are about to announce the stretch goals

Marco Nielsen

Posts 3
29 Jun 2020 04:13

Crap, i just missed supporting the campaign.. Don't see where they have a regular open purchase site yet..

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