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VSCode / Amiga Toolchain

Nick Fellows

Posts 111
01 Jun 2020 17:15

I thought i would share this here

I dont know much about it yet but Im using VSCode to develop stuff for the #C64 and im on the V1200 waiting list - planning on coding for it at some point. VSCode is a great IDE and if we can get some good tools together it could really help people involved again with Amiga development but with the luxury of the modern tools we have come to rely on.


Ronnie Beck
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 193
02 Jun 2020 06:51

Awesome!  I am a big fan of modern programming tools supporting the Amiga.  But it claims gcc 10. Can it really be?  The Github page mentions they borrow work from bebbo's gcc port so maybe it is really true.  It would be nice. :-)

posts 2