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FAQ - Amiga People On YOU TUBE In Medias Res

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1731
03 Jan 2020 19:40

Yup, its Google, its full of commercials, its paid for full functionality, but I kindda like it out of most-antisocial networks :)
    For FAQ purpose I ment to collect list of notable Amiga YT channels and personnas. I admit I have most OS4 on list folks from my OS4 days (heh, writting to Xorro makers and what is left of Matrox for OS4 drivers!), hope they will enjoy Vamp too.
    I would like *YOU* (as on US Army posters) to add what and who you find benefitial, currently YT only. Vampire Resources are accepted in any form or shape :)
                    MULTI MEDIA (Mlati Mudija v2.0)
    V2 World Premiere by Igor Majstorović MAJSTA 
    (Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, ENGL Subs)
    Media:  With English Subs
    Media:  No Subs (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian speakers only!)
    Wallpapers EXTERNAL LINK 
    Vampire Stickers  EXTERNAL LINK 
    68080 DataSheet PDF  EXTERNAL LINK 
    V2 Vamp manual 2017 PDF
    V4 Early Announcement August 2017 PDF
    V4 Launch 2019 PDF
    Telegram user group
    Some Vampire related You Tube channels:

    Media:  Renauld Tukko /Swiss EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Pedro Cotter, No 1 man! EXTERNAL LINK   
Media:  Flype EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Majsta /Bosnia EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Simo EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Manuel Jesus EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Gunnar /Germany

    Media:  Add yourself

    Media:  Kipper2k

    Media:  Ras Voja (vox) /Serbia EXTERNAL LINK   
    Notable Retro Enthuasists and Amigans on You Tube (KUDOS!)
    (Comments by vox)
    Media:  Ms Mad Lemon  Lady among Amigans    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Nova Coder  The m68k coder    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Stephen Jones  AROS lover, A1500 case    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  HunoPPC  AmigaOS 3D gaming  EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Cammy  We have ladies?  EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Mad Franko (may be!) We have Irishmen?    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Dan Wood  We have Brits?    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Daytona  We have 3D coders?    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  AmigaNG  We have YouTube promoters?    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  DJ Nyyk aka DJ Nick  We have musicians/video    producers for children? EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Amiga Land
    Media:  8-bit Guy
    Media:  Amiga Exec
    Media:  A-Eon Tech LCC  Big dreams, one man show
    Trevor Dickinson
    Media:  CommodoreUSA LCC No mans dream
    Media:  Retro Asylum    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Amiga 30 UK    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Entwickler X  Games and ... Emotion video
    player that needs OS3 port!    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media:  Mystic BBS    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media: Luigi Burdo  HW testing  EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media: Nostalgia Nerd  EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media: 16 bit baz EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media: Gerion79 EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media VingtTrois Seize    EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media Mike Brantley  EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media Richard Lake EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media Ares Computer  EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media Michal Bergseth EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media Loriano Pagni EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media Omega 12001 EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media: Broadblues EXTERNAL LINK 
    Media My Amiga World    EXTERNAL LINK
    Media Kevin Saunders  Brilliance 2 Tutorial    EXTERNAL LINK     
    THANKS in advance, you will be signed as contributor!

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1731
06 Jan 2020 06:17

Task of bringing more Amiga YT links assigned to Hugo Pereira, listed as FAQ contributor. Thanks :)

Hugo Pereira

Posts 55
06 Jan 2020 13:16

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

    Task of bringing more Amiga YT links assigned to Hugo Pereira, listed as FAQ contributor. Thanks :)

    At the moment I notice that a channel is missing, in the future I will try to add some, besides the ones already mentioned.
  I congratulate you on the optimal management of the FAQ you have done so far.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1731
06 Jan 2020 23:30

Hugo Pereira wrote:

      EXTERNAL LINK         
    I congratulate you on the optimal management of the FAQ you have done so far.

  Thanks. Chad Essleys website has been added, as sign of great respect. Some performance pics, added new core info and links to V2 cores. Trying to be up to date, any contrib is most welclome.
  Today I will add the new YT link.
  Also, Evgenij has pointed out post ESCOM history is quite unknown to many. Trying to summarize that to two paragraphs max would be benefitial :) Amiga Documents and Amiga History websites can certainly help, WB Nostalgia holds major info on OS progressions, regressions and betas, but that could be kept separated. Seems post ESCOM story is about IPs and brands and licenses.


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