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Vampire FAQ

Hugo Pereira

Posts 51
30 Dec 2019 22:15

Vampire FAQ managed by Vojin Vidanovic:
EXTERNAL LINK                 
EXTERNAL LINK                 
  Put your entries in our Super Group - EXTERNAL LINK or email vojinvidanovic@gmail.com                 
  Please suggest changes. It's open until 30/01/2020:         
  If you would like to promote by interested Amigans, please use the following link: 
  EXTERNAL LINK         

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1589
02 Jan 2020 11:23

Thanks Hugo.
  FAQ is growing to be informative, answer to most common Qs as well as providing general insight in Vampire and state of Amiga community now and here. I am enjoying working on it, but more brains and hands matter.
  Please support by providing Questions, Answers, Links. Every contrib will be signed.

RTG and ECSWHDLoad (V4 SA and GOLD3 AGA section?) need a heavy testing update, its old as SILVER cores. List of incompatibile titles will be generated too, and is most welcome.
  All text (be it questions, answers, phrases) is WIP and subject of change. Is NOT official until CENSORED by the team and publicly published. Might shrink or split to few documents or website sections.
  Currently, these are sections (expanded by old FAQ ones, and all answers I can gather from forums):
  1. Cases (V4 Vamps)
  2. Compatibile Classic hardware
  3. Expansion port to expand Vampire? (Separate answer for V2 and V4)
  4. Flashing FPGA core (V2 and V4)
  5. How do I get fastest answer from team?
  6. I dont get audio or OCS outpout on DIGITAL-VIDEO (V2 vamps)
  7. Indivision problems (V2 Vamps)
  8. Mouse and Keyboard (V4 Vamps)
  9. My TV cant display DIGITAL-VIDEO Vamp outpouts? (v2 and V4 Vamps)
  10. SAGA drivers for AmigaOS? (V2 and V4)
  11. TV displays Vamp logo but cant boot to a WB resolution, video out of range
  12. USB ports on V4 - Which joysticks can I connect? (V4 Vamps)
  13. What are standalone new Amiga specs?
  14. What are V1200 specs
  1. AmigaOS and other software that supports Vampire 080 MMX
  2. AROS m68k FLOSS on Vampire
  3. Hyperion AmigaOS 3.1.4
  4. Ixemul library
  5. MS DOS and Windows library 386-486 x86 PC? (emulation)
  6. NeoGeo on Vampire (emulation)?
  7. Old AmigaOS software - Can I run Music Maker and very old apps that require KS 1.2, KS 1.3, 512K Chip only, OCS only....
  8. Operating Systems and AmigaOS packs
  9. Photoshop on Vampire? (emulation)
  10. Picasso 96
  11. Web browsers
  1. Descent, Rise of Triad and Duke Nukeum
  2. Diablo 1 and Metal Slug
  3. Frontier
  4. Golden Crown and 1942x
  5. List of compatibile RTG software (last updated)
  6. List of compatibile WHD Load software (last updated)
  7. Myst  and Quake m68k by ClickBoom, Genetic Species
  8. R Shoot R and Metro Siege
  9. Shadow of 3rd moon, Payback 3D and Feeble Flies
  10. Star Wars X Wing and Wing Commander
  11. TFX and Formula 1 GP
  12. WHDLoad slave games running?
  Surely, most interesting news is 080 software list. Currently:
  Q: List of AmigaOS and other software that supports Vampire 080 MMX
  1. Dose 2 Demo      Github  Media: Video
  2. EmuTOS Amiga Kickstart    Source Forge
  3. GCC m68k Updated by BeBBo    GitHub
  4. Indivision patch by Apollo Team    Aminet
  5. JFIF Datatype – detects MMX – Uses MMX    Aminet
  6. MiniMetal Slug action game Artis port  uses MMX  Aminet
  7. Netsurf 3.10 developer version port by Arti  Artis blog
  8. Riva 0.5x video player – separate Vamp binary  Aminet
  9. SDL 1.2 library supports AMMX    GitHub
  10. SysInfo 3 patched version – “Sees” Vampire  Apollo web
  11. SysSpeed Module: A600 Vampire 2,Silver 7  Aminet
  12. Vampire demo from Evoke 2018    Aminet
  13. Vampire SD Card Boot *Experimental    GitHub
  14. VampireDemo2D      Aminet
  15. VASM ASM compiler – can compile for 080-MMX  Website
  16. Vcontrol tool by Apollo Team    Apollo Wiki page
  17. Zelda ROTH Enhanced Vampire Edition    Aminet
  Please advise if you know of more.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1589
02 Jan 2020 13:57

Updated PDF after 3/30 days
Tommorow table of contents will be cleaned,
and more forum answers from older days added, as well as some links.

Please aid game testing and list of compatible and incompatible titles.

Outdated RTG demo list

RTG games
WHDLoad ECS games (as old as SILVER core)

Jakub H.

Posts 17
02 Jan 2020 14:04

I tested several ECS games:

Whdload 18.5.5948, core 2.12RC3

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1589
02 Jan 2020 14:10

Jakub H. wrote:

  I tested several ECS games:
  Whdload 18.5.5948, core 2.12RC3

  Asked for file access.

  Great thanks, will be added to list. How do you wish to be signed?
  V4SA users or V2 GOLD3 Alpha users are welclome to test AGA titles

Jakub H.

Posts 17
02 Jan 2020 16:24

Please sign me, Jakub Hajda. Thank you! When my V4 arrives, I will test these games again on new hardware. In the near future I will add more ECS games.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1589
03 Jan 2020 14:07

Jakub H. wrote:

    Please sign me, Jakub Hajda. Thank you! When my V4 arrives, I will test these games again on new hardware. In the near future I will add more ECS games.

  First of all, ODT version is avail for lovers of FLOSS Libre
  Second, KUDOS and THANK YOU Jakub!
  When V4 arrives, it would be best to test AGA titles and non working ECS titles. Please try Lotus, used to make a lot of trouble on any expanded machine.
    First added a non-working titles to the FAQ itself, while WHDLoad list will remain a separate link and will be updated, THANK YOU!
    On other all-Amigan business, I am trying to create a list of currently existing web resources. PLEASE ADD or NOMINATE FOR REMOVAL with a description! NOTE OS3 m68k RESOURCES ONLY, no MOS/WOS/pUp/OS4
    - Only software currently or recently developed -
    No 1. RESERVED:Aminet, oldest file archive  EXTERNAL LINK         
    3D Construction Kit  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Alladin 4D    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Developers Library  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Writter at Alinea  EXTERNAL LINK   
    AmigaAmp    EXTERNAL LINK   
    AmigaSYS    EXTERNAL LINK   
    AmiKit XE emulation pack  EXTERNAL LINK   
    AMOS Coders Blog  EXTERNAL LINK   
    ArtEffect 4 at Alinea  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Bars n Pipes    EXTERNAL LINK
    Building GCC toolchain  EXTERNAL LINK
    Classic Workbench  EXTERNAL LINK   
    DigiBooster 2 and 3  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Directory Opus 4 Research Project EXTERNAL LINK   
    Directory Opus 5  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Disk Master 2    EXTERNAL LINK   
    E-UAE FLOSS Amiga emulator  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Even More!    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Hollywood    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Ibrowse web browser  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Impulse Imagine  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Ixemul.library    EXTERNAL LINK
    Jabberwocky    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Mlky Tracker    EXTERNAL LINK   
    MUI 3.8 page    EXTERNAL LINK   
    MUI 5 development  EXTERNAL LINK   
    PageStream Amiga DTP  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Personal Paint, paint  EXTERNAL LINK
    Picasso 96 Wiki    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Power 2 People Bounty Projects  EXTERNAL LINK   
    RDesktop    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Roadshow TCP/IP  EXTERNAL LINK   
    ScalOS    EXTERNAL LINK   
    SimpleMail e-mail client  EXTERNAL LINK   
    SketchBlock (currently OS4 only) EXTERNAL LINK   
    StormC 5 at Alinea  EXTERNAL LINK   
    WHDLoad support page  EXTERNAL LINK   
    YAM E-mail client  EXTERNAL LINK     
    BLOGS AND REPOSITORIES - History, Information and Preservation -
    Alinea Computer  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Demo Scene Archive ADA EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Demo Scene Search  EXTERNAL LINK FTP EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Documents 3.03  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Forever emulation pack  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Future Magazine  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Games Database  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Games Longplays  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Graphic Archive  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Hardware Database  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga History Guide  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Longplay games  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Lore ABIME  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Music Preservation  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Music Remix  EXTERNAL LINK
    Amiga Phoenix Community  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Shop    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Style Serbian magazine  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga University  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amiga Wiki    EXTERNAL LINK   
    AmigaWorld.de    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amithlon    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Amitropia news portal  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Ars Tehnica IT news  EXTERNAL LINK   
    ChipTune    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Classic Games    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Docs Disks    EXTERNAL LINK
    Dream 17    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Dungeon Master Encyclopedia  EXTERNAL LINK   
    English Amiga Board  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Epsilons Amiga Blog  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Erik Swartz Animations  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Exotica Wiki    EXTERNAL LINK
    Frontierverse    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Gremlin World    EXTERNAL LINK   
    GSS Data    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Hall of Light    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Installers heaven  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Lemon Amiga    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Obligement    EXTERNAL LINK   
    POUET – World Demo Scene  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Scumm bar    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Software Preservation  EXTERNAL LINK
    The Amiga Blog    EXTERNAL LINK   
    The Chaos Regime  EXTERNAL LINK
    The Moonstone Tavern  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Total Amiga Magazine  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Turrican SETA    EXTERNAL LINK   
    Unofficial AmigaOS 3 website  EXTERNAL LINK    lang=en
    Unofficial CD32 ports  EXTERNAL LINK   
    Workbench Nostalgia, WB history EXTERNAL LINK   
    Zen of Amiga    EXTERNAL LINK

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1589
07 Jan 2020 08:23

Vamp multimedia section of FAQ updated to include:
  (PDF 0.07 EXTERNAL LINK  see pages 17 and 18)
                  MULTI MEDIA
  • Media:  V2 World Premiere by Igor Majstorović MAJSTA    (Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, ENGL Subs)
  No Subs (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian speakers only!)
  • Media:  Vampire 4 is coming by Chad Essley - Amigan and Animator!
  • Media: V1200 presentation at the Oufparty in Switzerland
  • Media: 2010 Glory – Natami Stage 1 video
  Vampire Stickers
  68080 DataSheet PDF
  V2 Vamp manual 2017 PDF
  V4 Early Announcement August 2017 PDF
  V4 Launch 2019 PDF
  Telegram user group
  Gunnars personal website
  Gunnar Presentation at Amiga34
  German only!)
  Guibrush, TuKo et Barjack at Alchemie 2017
  (FRA only!)
  Some Vampire related You Tube channels:
  • Media:  Apollo Team
  • Media:  Amiten (Spanglish!)
  • Media:  Renauld – Tukko /Swiss
  • Media:  Pedro Cotter, No 1 man!
  • Media:  Flype
  • Media:  Majsta /Bosnia
  • Media:  Guru Meditation
  • Media:  Simo
  • Media:  Manuel Jesus
  • Media:  Vamped Amiga
  • Media:  Team Natami (old)
  • Media:  Ras Voja (vox) /Serbia
  Please add!

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1589
23 Jan 2020 13:59

Please correct and improve.
  Amitropia Has version of its own, that could be used

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1589
31 Jan 2020 01:52

FAQ is now v1.0 beta

- Needs improved formatting and look polishing
- Needs reading and fact correction by team
- Needs proofreading language corrections Cobrian Tinander
- Index at last page needs correction
- Chad Essley has promised improved gfx and written consent
- Hugo of Telegram group has promised benchmark charts update (gfx)


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