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V1200 Order Page Is Onlinepage  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

Thumptech 1

Posts 10
19 Feb 2020 11:37

Ugh, US date format is disgusting

Knight Stone

Posts 91
19 Feb 2020 12:11

pascal babel wrote:

A person who expressed interest on 12/22 receives the email for the card on 1/25, one month later.
  Another person for an interest expressed on 12/23 received the email on 2/16, about two months later.
  The more time passes, the longer the delay.
  Normally it is the opposite, procedures should be put in place to speed up assemblies, tests, packaging, shipping, etc., but here we regress.
  I hope this difference is only due to the end of year holidays.
  Otherwise knowing that I expressed my interest on 12/31 and that it took two months for an interest expressed on 12/23, it is not tomorrow that I will receive my vampire !!!
  This vampire 1200 will become a real Arlesian :-)
  It would be at least interesting to have a count, how many are made and shipped and how much remains to be done to satisfy all the requests expressed. In this way no sensitive data will be disclosed.

not true.

i registered interest on 12/22 and i only got my email, and paid for mine last week. it was dispatched on Monday.

It's not just orders on here, it's orders for online retailers, so if you base the queue on whats happening on here, it wont give you any happy answers.

These guys don't have a logistical base of operations, or a system for posting these, they are built by hand, and i should imagine the hold up, is with testing them before they are sent to you the consumer. if you expressed interest on 31st, then you might have a wait, but TBH this is exactly what it was like when i bought my Vampire A600, some 4 years ago.

i guess in the end, all you can do it have patience.

Pascal Babel

Posts 4
21 Feb 2020 09:17

You say exactly what I say. 2 months at the moment for the first people who have registered their orders. So for the others the wait will be long, very long maybe too long ....

Martin White

Posts 85
21 Feb 2020 12:53

Look on the bright side - the longer you wait the more stable the system is likely to be by the time you get it. Unless you really enjoy being a tester then I would not be too concerned about waiting a while.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 317
28 Feb 2020 20:36

Just to report about well known events. Coronavirus is kicking and postal services are stopped in several countries for international transport. My post office closed their services for China on 5.2.2020. Then from 25.2.2020. the same goes for Italy. Just now I got info that my post office is preparing to close services for some other countries. Maybe I m wrong but I think that they will close service to any country who have cases of coronavirus. From my side I will try to report more but everything is delayed now.   

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 11
29 Feb 2020 06:44

Thanks for the update Igor. Does that mean that shipping in countries that are still or will remain open will continue or everything will stop;I think that shipping should continue to the next person in line if his country's post is open.

Black Cornflake

Posts 3
26 Mar 2020 12:42

I placed a V1200 preorder with Vesalia 6 months ago and have heard nothing since, despite emailing them. Does the news about V4 reseller sales ceasing apply to the V1200 also, i.e. should I just order here instead?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4553
26 Mar 2020 14:02

Please order direct from Apollo-Acceletors or the V4 here.

Black Cornflake

Posts 3
26 Mar 2020 14:26

Done, thanks for the confirmation.

Waiting 6 months for nothing kinda grinds my gears, though. I guess Vesalia must be German for 'Timewasting Jackasses'.

Markus B

Posts 134
26 Mar 2020 15:52

Well, if they don't get merch, how shall they sell it to you?

Black Cornflake

Posts 3
26 Mar 2020 16:49

Vesalia not having boards to sell wasn't the problem.

Vesalia leaving me in the dark, waiting indefinitely (and so NOT waiting in the queue here) by not replying to, or even acknowledging, a simple email enquiry about whether or not they hoped/expected to have any boards to sell at some theoretical future point, that was the problem.

Anyway, I'm in the right queue now.

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