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A4000 Top Hollywood Film Production Treasure Find

Jacek Rafal Tatko

Posts 19
22 Dec 2019 03:54

EXTERNAL LINK  Great Video with lots of amazing & fun details,
it would be interesting to see the performance
comparison of such a A4k machine & its card
vs. aV4 Standalone, for example.

Since the salvaged, historical data, setup and the
original files & footage are available as .hdf files
for anyone to download from The Internet Archive:

such a performance comparison is indeed

Additionally the whole A4000, Cards & 3 Hd's
is currently being offered through Ebay EXTERNAL LINK 
- More details in the description of the auction


"The Commodore Amiga used to make Titanic:

It's hard to know how to put this find into words...
This incredible once-in-a-lifetime discovery is the
actual Commodore Amiga 4000/040 that was
guaranteed as used (and photographed - see
picture with yellow arrow pointing to it) on the
sets of major motion pictures including:

Titanic (James Cameron) - the #1 movie of all time until very recently

Apollo 13 (Ron Howard)

The Abyss (James Cameron)

and more!

Unbelievably extensive footage from "Titanic"
was found still intact and 100% working
(at the time of this listing) on one of the
three hard disk drives. This felt somewhat like
discovering The Titanic itself. It is believed the
3rd hard disk contains footage from "Apollo 13"
starring Tom Hanks.

This is more amazing because, as the story goes,
most of the original footage from the making of
Titanic was lost when the backup tapes were stored
in a room right next to that building's UPS (power supply).

The magnetic field wiped the tapes over many years.
This information comes directly from the machine's
previous owner, an employee of Digital Domain,
who worked on the movies using this very same machine.

These hard disks in this listing may therefore contain the
only footage left in existence from the making of one of
the biggest motion pictures of our generation.

To see the recovered Titanic footage, and the story of
this machine's discovery, on set usage, and partial repair
you may watch this video:
This machine was used on set to:
Record from the "video tap" for instant playback of test
shots on set. A number of these never-before-seen
test shots are still on its 1.02GB hard disk.

Interface with the "motion control" camera on set using
Amiga ARexx scripts, so as to coordinate repeat camera
movements for adding multiple layers of the same moving
shot, such as people, then fog, then effects, etc.

More info on this process is in the video linked above,
but essentially the Amiga would tell the camera when
to start moving, the camera would tell the Amiga when
to record, then the Amiga would tell the camera when it
was done and to continue moving/tracking for that shot.

This machine was integral to the making of Titanic,
Apollo 13, etc.

Using this machine, the Directors (James Cameron/Ron Howard)
were able to immediately watch shots back, which otherwise would
only be possible after waiting to develop the film reel from inside the
camera. This technological leap was imperative on the set of these
special effects laden movies."

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4907
22 Dec 2019 06:16

pretty cool

Wawa T

Posts 695
23 Dec 2019 13:10

not really bothered with it, but its been questioned if this is authentic. since the machine is being offered at the same time.

posts 3