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AfA One V1.3 Realized

Amiga User

Posts 60
03 Oct 2019 16:40

If anyone was interested in this and my new version of AfA One:


Allan Versaevel

Posts 67
03 Oct 2019 16:56

Looks nice. I will see how my Vampire 500 handles this when I get Home later this weekend.

Amiga User

Posts 60
03 Oct 2019 17:01

On the Vampire you have to make some small changes, you have to delete the MMULibs that seem to be incompatible and some problem in Amistart, in any case you can install, here you find a user who has already installed AfA One:


Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1697
04 Oct 2019 07:24


If anyone was interested in this and my new version of AfA One:

Great, can you make archive for vamp without mmu.lib?

Amiga User

Posts 60
04 Oct 2019 07:46

I don't have a Vampire to test, but you can easily replace the MUlib, my distribution is on HardFile, just mount it on WinUAE and replace the MUlib with those you normally use on the Vampire.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1697
04 Oct 2019 16:21

It just needs NOT to install/use mmu.lib and it's all just fine.

It's easier not to have it installed, then to have to have it deleted

Amiga User

Posts 60
05 Oct 2019 06:27

Add Installer Update AfA One v1.2 To v1.3

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1697
05 Oct 2019 06:34

Nice jampack over OS 3.9!

New in this version:
- SysInfo v4.3
- NetSurf By Arti v3.10 (Web Browser)
- IBrowse 2.5 Demo (Works for 30 Minutes)
- MUI 5.0 (Update v20190108r6341)
- RNOPDF v1.3 (PDF Reader)
- ADFer v1.3 (Multi Copy Disk/ADF)
- LilCalendar v1.1 (versatile calendar and reminder program)
- iConecta v3.15 (connection check)
- SQLMan v0.5 (SQLite database manager)
- MUIwake v0.3 (client for Wake On LAN protocol)
- Hollywood Multimedia (updated Hollywood bookstores)
- AnimWebConverter v3.0 (Animation Converter)
- GrimoriumPDF v2.06 (PDF Reader)
- VidentiumPicta v2.0 (Image Viewer and Retouching)
- VintageSongPlayer v2.10 (MP3 Player)
- AmigaAMP v3.26 (MP3 Player and Internet Radio Streaming)
- V.A.M.P v2.20 (Multimedia Player)
- New V.A.M.P. Skin Player
- New Uae Config.

Old Installed Software:
- Updated added new Datatypes
- Added Fonts Truetype
- Timidity v0.2i (MIDI / WAVE Converter Player)
- VidRec (Mount WebCamera on Workbench, connect on WinUAE Genlock + VideoFile
- TAR archives (automatic unwinding in Dopus4, Double-Click)
- TAR.GZ archives (automatic unpacking in Dopus4, Double-Click, M-Click)
- Archives 7z (automatic unpacking in Dopus4, Double-Click)
- CLiTyper (sliding text reader)
- StackCheck v1.0 (check for the right application stack)
- EXE Datatypes (Examine executable to discover requirements with Dopus4, Multiview Tool)

- Real AMIGA FPU/CPU 060 (untested) RTG Video Card
- WinUAE FPU/CPU 020/030/040 + JIT 256RAM UAE Zorro III 256 MB RAM
- Minimum 2 GB HD/HardFile Space
- Initialize HD/HardFile formatting with SFS/PFS Filesystem
- Full Installation OS3.9 + BB1/BB2 (Update ROM) /BB3/BB4
- On OS 3.9 Installed, delete "all" the contents of the WBStartup folder
- On OS 3.9 Installed, delete SYS:Utilities/Amplifer

- Copy all the content of the Hardfile "AfA One.hdf" to HD OS 3.9 overwriting everything
- Install MUI Key (to get the right MUI settings on your applications)
- Copy File Kickstart 3.1 (renaming it "KickStart31") to SYS:?evs/Kickstarts/ (this will allow you to move the windows out of the Workbench screen)

- Configure WinUAE at maximum power, use configured file (.uae) changing only the paths.

WHDLoad is installed you only need to copy your KickStart.

Amiga User

Posts 60
06 Oct 2019 08:06

Download And Play


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