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Relec Opened Interest Page for V1200 V2+

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
17 Jun 2019 21:46

TuKo Team Apollo has just released its latest activity report. He gives us some information about the future Vampire A1200. The tests are going well and the release is still planned for the summer or almost. But the most important are the specifications:

- Cyclone 3 FPGA
- 128 MB of SDRAM
- 1x digital video output port
- 2x extension ports
- 1x microSD port
- 1x fast IDE port
- 1x JTAG port
- 1x IDE / PWR / Reset pins (Tower user)

At the price level, it is not yet fixed but it should be a little higher than the V2 A500 / A600 versions. RELEC would not fail to communicate his as soon as he is known!

  If you plan to equip your Amiga 1200 with this new card that will turn it into a racing beast, do not hesitate to express your interest and Info@relec.ch 
  On the other hand we take orders for the V2 + version A500 and A600, still for CHF 390.- If you want to quickly get your card, be quick not to miss this delivery!

Andy Hearn

Posts 371
18 Jun 2019 17:01

exciting times! hope amigakit are gonna be involved too! :D

John William

Posts 490
18 Jun 2019 17:51

Andy Hearn wrote:

exciting times! hope amigakit are gonna be involved too! :D


They are still alive??

- looks at his old dusty sites - Damn they are old - blows on them and fluff of dusts hit me on the face - Ooof - cough, cough - hold on - rubs and cleans the dust - Well look at that, they are bit rusty there...erm...too rusty but they still making it...albeit I aint sure for how long though....

Man...Amigakit.....that brings back memories...the good old days...when I was a kid..at like this many - shows five fingers -.....they where hype back then you know....I wonder how they fair after so long?

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
18 Jun 2019 20:25

Iíve bought stuff from AmigaKit as recently as December. They are certainly still around and kicking.  They are FAR from fast - when you order it could be weeks before they even send it out.

Vesalia is MUCH faster even for us USA folks. Iíve ordered from them several times and had good experiences. I just wish you didnít have to order then get an email with the total cost and then have to PayPal after the fact - why isnít it integrated into their online storefront!?!  I bought my V2.2 for my A500 from them in January...

Adam A

Posts 125
18 Jun 2019 23:40

I prefer amigastore.eu

they ship fast and pack things well + great support

John William

Posts 490
19 Jun 2019 00:52

Adam  A wrote:

I prefer amigastore.eu
  they ship fast and pack things well + great support


Personally? I prefer Amigastore.eu :D

Andy Hearn

Posts 371
19 Jun 2019 10:25

yup, good experience with amigastore.eu too! +1 from me
  but yeah amigakit were always good from my point of view, and never left me hanging - always got back to me on email in a couple of days or so for questions/queries. i had such a regular purchase frequency with them a while back. a monthly cycle of "get paid" then "buy amiga stuff" :D
  i work with the - if you see it, and it's in stock; buy it, as it won't come back around!

Ronnie Beck
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 197
19 Jun 2019 14:27

It is interesting that they are mentioning the V1200 and not the V4.  I guess there are reasons for that but my impression until has been that the V4 was much closer to release than the V1200.  But that was just my impression.  Perhaps the reverse is true.

Adam  A wrote:

I prefer amigastore.eu
  they ship fast and pack things well + great support

Yes, I also find Amigastore.eu fantastic.  If by "fast shipping" you mean it was slightly faster than you walking to Spain and collecting it yourself, then I agree.  My last package took nearly 4 weeks..........and everything was in stock at the time of ordering.  My current order with them was packed 1 week ago and still hasn't been collected by the shipping company.  Don't ever use GLS shipping.  They suck the big one.

Amigakit is about 4 times faster based on my experiences, even with the most economical shipping options.

Relec ship pretty quickly as well but as I live in the same country as Relec, it is an unfair comparison.  But I have had very positive experiences with Relec.  They just don't have a huge range of products.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 494
19 Jun 2019 14:34

Living in the US, I find Amigastore.eu to be slightly quicker. They ship the package out quickly, but sometimes it takes a few weeks to get through US customs. where Amigakit seem to take a week for them to get to my order, then it takes the typical two weeks.

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