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Next Core 3.1.4 Compatible

Sascha Backes

Posts 2
07 Apr 2019 20:20

Hello. Is the next core 3.1.4 compatible or you have to patch every new core. Greetings.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1716
07 Apr 2019 20:45

Will A1200 or A600 become OS 3.1.4 friendlier? :) New OS needs new ROM.

Its not the core. Its OS 3.1.4 that requires "new ROM" so every Amiga, and even the Vamp needs to have new ROM "inserted" - on current sale and IP protected, so needs to be purchased separately, so it cannot be supplied freely.
  With mapROM feature it could be kickstarted to RAM and thus eliminate need of flashing the ROM.
  MapROM on Apollo-Core FPGA Cards
  Non-permanent installation of the 3.1.4 ROM into a running system can be achieved by the VampireMap314 tool, provided by Apollo Team. The tool will add the additional modules to a user-provided ROM image and reboot the system with it. This method is the recommended way of testing the new ROM before a persistent installation. It should be added into the startup-sequence in the following way:
  Version expansion.library 45
  C:VampireMap314 Devs:Kickstarts/kick.a1200
  The Kickstart will be mapped until a power-cycle takes place.
  Vampire OS 3.1.4 ROM Guide
    Too bad new ROM isnt even larger and feature richer.
    I hope in future some custom and way better ROM could be created. I like the idea of having the nice chunk of OS already "on power" :)
    Examples from past AmiBay Archive:
    Custom OS 3.9 ROM EXTERNAL LINK   
    Doobrey net A1200 ROM
    MFilos 2010 OS 3.9 ROM guide
    Similar example - mapping ROM 3.1.4 on ACA500+ A500 expanded

Sean Sk

Posts 378
07 Apr 2019 23:43

After that last wall of text, the short answer is: you'll have to flash the Kickstart ROM in the core every time, unless you decide to MapROM instead, in which case, you won't have to. :)

Sascha Backes

Posts 2
08 Apr 2019 04:07

Thanks for the detailed answer. greetings

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