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Apollo Team Activity Report (March 2019)page  1 2 

Mister Cartoonmonkey

Posts 33
31 Mar 2019 08:16

I cannot wait! I hope someone writes a tracker that uses "Pam!"


Woot!!! I may see Vamp A1200 this year!!!

Mallagan Bellator

Posts 381
31 Mar 2019 23:04

I might be wrong but I think milky tracker used pamela

Am I right or wrong, someone who knows?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1697
31 Mar 2019 23:26

Mister Cartoonmonkey wrote:

I cannot wait! I hope someone writes a tracker that uses "Pam!"

AHI driver and DigiBooster 2/3?

John William

Posts 462
01 Apr 2019 01:52

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

Allonsanfan % wrote:

  I get that the V4 will take over the machine anyway,

  This is misconception.
  You as user can choose.
  The Vampire can work as "normal" CPU accelerator.
  The Vampire can also provide you a very fast RTG solution.
  You as user do NOT need to use the RTG.
  If you like PAL more than everything - you can use PAL just as before.
  The Vampire also offers you the option to use an enhanced chipset.
  This means AGA + 8 voice 16bit Paula (codename Pam)
  You can take this option but not need to.
  Its your choice.

You are giving the average user options??! O_O

I knew I should have build a nuclear bunk to hide when the end of the world occurs.

- Sigh - Ohh well! When an explosion occurs I can grin with a thought in my head that it was Gunnar von Boehn doing for the wiping of humanity! - grin -

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