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Athens Digital Expo 2018 Vampire600 Presentation

Billy Nest

Posts 29
10 Oct 2018 19:31

On 29-30th of October in Athens Greece there was a major game expo including game excibitions , cosplay , mind/puzzle games and our
favorite part is the Retro Sector.
4 major retro collectors and our
Retro Club V.C.S (Vintage Computers Society) Athens .I am a
proud member of this club and I presented my Vampire A600 to the public.
Also we had together in our club the Greek Game developer John Tsakiris with the new Amiga Game Worthy from Pixelglass.
A 100% vampire OCS compatible game.
My V600 was performing sweet on gold core 2.11 without an problem.
No hangs no restarts no guru , for 2 days around 9:00 AM to 9:00PM.
12 hours straight with massive gameplay of Worthy , videoclips and
lots of demoscene. Videos are split in Day 1 and Day 2.
Almost 17.000 tickets were sold this year.

Enjoy my work and my respects for the Apollo team.

Day 1 : EXTERNAL LINK  generic video +v600 footage
Day 2 : EXTERNAL LINK  more Vampire footage.

Andy Hearn

Posts 165
11 Oct 2018 10:25

Great effort there Billy,
  and thanks for putting up the videos!

hmmm I need to get me some shiny vampire2 case badges! ;)

Billy Nest

Posts 29
12 Oct 2018 05:19

Thanks Andy
Hope you liked the video.
And a small mistake i did is that
The event was held on 29-30 of september.
My bad :)

posts 3