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DizzyTorrent 1.11 68k

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
07 Oct 2018 07:27

DizzyTorrent is a functional BitTorrent client implemented for the Amiga 68k
that operates on real classic hardware, and can be controlled with
or without a GUI and with AREXX.

DizzyTorrent is also tested to work on PPC AmigaOS4.1, and MorphOS 3.9+.

Please do not use this program for copyright infringement or the distribution
of any data which may be prohibited or unlawful. DizzyTorrent is intended for
the distribution/downloading of legal content archives such as public domain
classic movies, software distributions, or materials specifically allowed by
copyright holders.

Full Documentation in AmigaGuide format: dizzytorrent.guide.

1.11  October 6 2018
    * Reduced CPU usage - minor bug introduced a busy-wait not apparent on my
      test systems.
1.10  September 30 2018
    * Since v1.07 CHOKE messages were sent inappropriately, causing some peers
      to not receive data from DizzyTorrent even though local client
      is sending. fixed
    * client may not recognize that a peer has needed pieces to share unless
      peer has 100% of pieces (since 1.07)  - fixed.
    * Example dz.config file has Delay setting set too high for newer improved
      throttling mechanism this would cause very slow performance on fast
      machines. Internal default delay of 0 is now almost always the best.

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