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Feb 018: Another CBM Related Documentary Released

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 649
10 Jul 2018 04:39

  Seems like nothing new under the crew, but nice line up.
  Directed by  Steven Fletcher 

  Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) 
  Steven Fletcher 

  R.J. Mical  R.J. Mical  ...  Himself
  Rob Hubbard  Rob Hubbard  ...  Himself
  Leonard Tramiel  Leonard Tramiel  ...  Himself
  Chris Huelsbeck  Chris Huelsbeck  ...  Himself
  Mark Knight  Mark Knight  ...  Himself
  Dave Haynie  Dave Haynie  ...  Himself
  Bil Herd  Bil Herd  ...  Himself
  David Pleasance  David Pleasance  ...  Himself
  Gail Wellington  Gail Wellington  ...  Herself
  David Murray  David Murray  ...  Himself
  Ben Daglish  Ben Daglish  ...  Himself
  Randell Jesup  Randell Jesup  ...  Himself
  Michael Tomczyk  Michael Tomczyk  ...  Himself
  Jeff Porter  Jeff Porter  ...  Himself
  Ron Nicholson  Ron Nicholson  ...  Himself
  Trevor Dickinson  Trevor Dickinson  ...  Himself
  Andy Finkel  Andy Finkel  ...  Himself
  Hedley Davis  Hedley Davis  ...  Himself
  Kenny McAlpine  Kenny McAlpine  ...  Himself

And yes, avail on Amazon and Netflix.

Just watching will come back with  impressions.

Matthew Langtry

Posts 137
10 Jul 2018 08:23

Yeah this is good bought it.

Tango One

Posts 93
10 Jul 2018 09:22

I did back this on kickstarter so got my blu-ray months ago.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 649
10 Jul 2018 11:44

Just finished it, and while its not CBM centric, I like its not centered around e.g. CBM demise or Amiga making, but in "company ups and downs overall" - from  PET to A4000 (even mostly A500 and A2000 are shown).

I loved enthusiastic presentation of retro community, both CBM and Amiga ones. Its not  done over  the tone, like in Viva Amiga I have supported. Really nice.

I was a bit sad when Trevor was overly entusiastic in promising the future while knowing Nemo seen in background still suffers from e.g.  not done ethernet driver, CFE not updated, improved Linux support  like LILO style booter done in amigaboot.of manner / Gnome and 3D fixing for SE Cards / prepaid OS 4.2 and lies of new AMP/SMP enabled exec, Gallium  and Warp3D cards for all ) or x5000 OS in beta testing live / Timberwolf  and Libre promised to since 2011 and never really done so far / so much software gone to AEON licensing not to be avail on sale or in development - e.g. Octamed and ImageFX / Also Enhancer was promoted for OS3 but never done).

I am not expecting wonders, but I do think companies and individuals are worth of trust only  as  much as one can see their words and deeds in consistance. When list of  undelivered over  summs the list of delivered or done to the proper end,  one looses credibility.

I was glad to see Dan and some "smaller" community people, not just big  names. Nice tribute to Amiga30 too ...

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