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Peripherals for the Vampire Standalone V4

  • IDE 44-pin, the Vampire V4 comes pre-installed with working, tested CF-Adapter and a working, tested CF card.Please note, there is power on the IDE-44 port, misplacement on this plug can destroy the device.

  • USB Ports, the Vampire V4 comes with two USB ports allowing you to use USB-Keyboards and USB-Mouseplease note that not all mice and keyboards might work.
    Tested Mice:
    Recommended Mice with working Mouse Wheel
    Trust 15862Rapoo Mouse N1130
    Media Range MROS201CONCEPTRONIC Easy Mouse
    Media Range MROS210Media Range MROS211

    Also recommended mice
    Gaming Mouse BLOOD BATHAMA MC-100 USB Mouse Optical

    Logitech K120
    ReDragon K552
    Rii RK104
    Ajazz Geek AK33