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Are you looking for the best Amiga ever?

Then the Vampire-4 Standalone is what you want.
The Vampire-4 is the fastest and most advanced AMIGA ever.

CPUApollo 68080 Core
Equivalent to 1000MHz 68030 / 500MHz 68040 / 250MHz 68060
Memory512 MB DDR3 RAM
ChipsetSuper-AGA Core with 12 MB of fast ChipRAM
VideoAmiga compatibiliy with Amiga OCS/ECS and AGA modes
also supporting 8bit/15bit/16bit/24bit/32bit Video modes and Video acceleration.
Audio8 Amiga DMA driven Audio channels, supporting 8-bit and 16-bit audio samples up to 56 kHz sampling rate, 24-bit mixing n.
Networking100BaseTX buildin Ethernet with 64bit AMIGA DMA channel.
Fast IDE Port44-pin Fast IDE Interface with Up to 19 MB/s data transfer speed.
Internal Expansion portsRTC module clock port,
and 3 Expansion ports
External ports MicroSD Card
2 x USB-A for Mouse and Keyboard
2 x DB-9 (Amiga joystick)